Welcome to Insight Counts, your trusted partner in consumer panel management software solutions. We specialize in empowering businesses to gather valuable insights through efficient and user-friendly panel management software. Whether you're conducting market research, gathering feedback, or analyzing consumer behavior, our platform is designed to streamline your processes and enhance decision-making.

Why Choose Us?

At Insight Counts, we understand the importance of understanding your target audience. Our consumer panel management software enables you to build and manage diverse panels of consumers, ensuring you have access to representative samples for accurate data collection. From recruitment and engagement to data analysis and reporting, our comprehensive software solution covers every aspect of consumer panel management.

Our platform offers intuitive features that simplify the management of panel activities. Customize surveys, track panelist responses in real time, and generate insightful reports with ease. With advanced analytics capabilities, you can uncover meaningful trends, preferences, and insights that drive strategic business decisions.

Security and data privacy are paramount at Insight Counts. Our consumer panel management software adheres to the highest industry standards, ensuring your participants' information is protected at every step. Rest assured that your data is secure and compliant with regulations, allowing you to focus on leveraging actionable insights to fuel your business growth.

What sets Insight Counts apart is our commitment to delivering exceptional customer support and tailored solutions. Our experienced team is dedicated to understanding your unique needs and providing personalized guidance to maximize the value of our software for your organization.

Join leading businesses worldwide who rely on Insight Counts for their consumer panel management needs. Discover how our innovative software can help you gain deeper insights into consumer preferences and behaviors by reading more about us then contact us today to schedule a demo and start harnessing the power of data-driven decision-making with Insight Counts.

Consumer Panel Management Software

Solid research begins with database integrity, but keeping that integrity is no easy feat. Growth is critical, but so is validating that each registered panelist is a real, unique individual who is reachable and engaged. In addition, regularly culling old records is key to ensuring efficient recruiting. And security and privacy present continuous challenges. Infusion unburdens you from the tedium of database management with a suite of tools to gain richer insights about your consumer panelists. And with Insight Counts providing exceptional support and maintenance, your data will always be secure and privacy protected.

  • Infusion's Assessor Dashboard provides current data on the size of the consumer panelist database, the level and types of activity, and the pace of new registrations. Simple tools enable powerful searches.
  • Real-time fuzzy-logic analysis identifies possible duplicate registrations and automatically restricts suspect panelist’s access to studies. A simple interface enables staff members to investigate and accept or reject the likely duplicate, freeing the panelist to participate or removing them from the database. Infusion notifies the duplicates and reinforces the importance of having only one registration per person.
  • Infusion provides a simple process for identifying and updating bad email addresses and for reengaging inactive assessors.
  • Testing directly connects to the consumer panelist database, making it simple to flag bad performers, ill-mannered behavior, rushed answers, or other negative factors in order to accurately evaluate a panelist's qualification for upcoming studies.
  • Consumer panelists have real-time control over their data and preferences and receive periodic reminders to update critical information.
  • Privacy and security are managed with industry-leading protocols

Enhancing Consumer Panelist Engagement

Infusion is designed to address panelist disillusionment, giving them the best return on time they invest, and making them advocates for consumer testing. And when they feel valued, consumers make better panelists. They are less likely to miss appointments, they tell their friends andgrow the database, and they answer questionnaires with more care and thoughtfulness.

  • Invitation prioritization engages new consumer panelist database members and re-engages those who have not recently been recruited, giving them the first shot at newly launched studies.
  • Profile and participation information is incorporated into recruits to maximize the likelihood that each panelist who is invited will be able to attend.
  • Screening data is evaluated in real time and Infusion continually adjusts the rate at which study invitations are sent. This ensures a smooth recruit while reducing the number of disappointed panelists who qualify only to find the study has filled.
  • Communication frequency is managed to avoid oversaturation. When an a panelist gets a message, they know it matters.
  • Past screening and profile information can be used for subsequent studies, so panelists don’t have to answer the same questions over and over again.
  • Referrals are easily made and consumer panelists can see the status of their referrals. Automated thank-you messages reinforce your appreciation, and rewards for referrals are easily administered.

Complex Recruiting, Scheduling, and Quotas Made Easy

Infusion’s integrated design automates the entire recruiting process, making it easy to assess thousands of potential consumer testing participants, fulfill complex quotas, easily adjust to last-minute changes, and manage cancellations and no-shows while keeping the schedule full.

This means your staff can spend more time focusing on what really matters - planning effective testing protocols, conducting top-notch research, and analyzing data. Whether you're working on a CLT with crazy quotas, a low-incidence focus group, or a massive home use test, Infusion relieves your load and helps you deliver the results your clients are looking for.

  • Infusion defaults to delayed screening termination points. This improves truthfulness during recruiting by reducing panelist learning. Along with the use of profile information rather than re-asking questions it results in more accurate recruits.
  • Infusion coordinates self-screening and recruiter-led screening for target populations and supports handoffs for qualitative or sensitive questions.
  • Psychographic & segmentation calculations can be performed instantly, eliminating the need to review or process screener data before filling the schedule.
  • Scheduling and rescheduling appointments is available to both consumer panelists and staff in a single step, even when the schedule involves multiple sessions per panelist.
  • Infusion enforces an unlimited number of intricate quota distributions on the overall recruit, individual sessions, and/or groups of sessions. As appointments change, quotas are constantly maintained.
  • The mechanics and communications of making changes to ongoing recruits are built in and automated. Infusion does the work for you and notifies consumer panelists—whether modifying quotas or qualifying criteria, postponing and rescheduling the study, or adding or cancelling sessions.

Consumer Testing and Sensory Testing Software

Infusion is designed for the complexities of consumer product testing – so multiple iterations for a respondent, longitudinal tracking, managing timing and frequencies of responses – all are built-in. Programming is intuitive and when something really complex comes up our expert staff is ready to jump in to assist.

  • Automated reminders for participating panelists include appointment reminders, multi-day testing messages, and HUT responses-due alerts.
  • Infusion incorporates flexible login options that allow simultaneous testing of panelists who are registered in the consumer panelist database as well as those who are not.
  • Comprehensive progress reporting synchronizes the kitchen, test rooms, and the front desk for CLTs. It also simplifies follow-up communications for staff during HUT execution.
  • The timing and frequency of required questionnaire responses can be controlled over long periods of time. Test protocols can be better enforced on remote tests or Home Use Tests.
A person typing on a laptop with multiple images of data.

Your Research Assistant

Infusion streamlines the entire consumer research process from the initial recruit to the final recording of attendance and compensation. Everything works together so you don’t have to work so hard.

  • Dashboards highlight the progress of each stage of every project and alert staff to needs for action
  • No project is conducted in isolation. Infusion is aware of what is happening in other projects and how they interact. Invitations, scheduling, testing activities are all coordinated to reduce duplication of effort and cross-project confusion.
  • Infusion adapts when data is collected in other software, and provides streamlined processes to accomplish routine tasks.
  • Exception-based recording of attendance and compensation streamlines and simplifies test administration.