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Our History

Insight Counts was born in 2004. In the beginning, our focus was providing behind-the-scenes support for our clients, managing their data, programming surveys, and executing recruits. We quickly learned that having a clean, current, and accurate database of assessors was critical — not only for a speedy recruit, but also for collecting reliable, high-quality survey responses. We began building tools and algorithms to measure the activities of the people in the database and to keep them engaged and satisfied.

In our early days, everything was custom-programmed. The process was labor-intensive but very flexible. That flexibility allowed us to map out the enormous variability in requirements that are needed to handle the unique demands for top-of-the-line consumer testing. Infusion incorporates that knowledge and flexibility in its core and provides the consumer testing community the tools and automation we pioneered to smoothly recruit and execute projects.

Infusion is unique in that its survey platform, scheduling, quota management, and test execution tools stand on a strong foundation of knowing who the people are that are testing. With that strong foundation, you can be assured of easier, more reliable recruits. And because Infusion is designed with the whole research process in mind, your projects will continue to flow smoothly from beginning to end.

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