Your Consumer Ties Toolbox

Better relationships mean better research

Trusted, confident, honest, and open is how you want people to feel when they’re testing products. Create that atmosphere with tools that bring new intimacy – and new intelligence – to your consumer relationships.

We call it the Consumer Ties (Touchpoint Integration & Enrichment System) Toolbox, and it isn’t your ordinary off-the-shelf database management program. It’s a hybrid approach that occupies that rarified space at the intersection of talent and technology. Your Consumer Ties result from people and proprietary technology working together to bring efficiency, speed and intelligence to interactions between consumer panelists and testing organizations. It’s the only system on the market that unifies the moving parts of consumer research into a single, elegant process. Time-consuming routine interactions are automated. Consumer touch points can be managed, measured and tracked.

Creating a pool of reachable, motivated consumers who represent the target markets you wish to research has never been easier, faster or more affordable. The game-changing capabilities are provided by CLAUDE (Consumer Led Automated Data Entry), a back-end system which was developed specifically for research organizations conduting face-to-face consumer research. It streamlines and automates the most labor-intensive parts of database creation and maintenance.

Expert support is provided by trained Insight Counts staff, but neither your panelists nor your clients know we're there. We work tirelessly behind the scenes to seamlessly reinforce your brand and corporate identity so the great results reflect on you.

Ultimately, the Consumer Ties toolbox makes it easier for you to connect with and engage consumers, get them involved in face-to-face testing and drive efficiencies that deliver higher quality research, all while freeing your staff to focus on higher-value objectives.

To learn more about how Insight Counts can bring new consumer intimacy to your research initiatives, call Insight Counts at 615.590.6180.

In the Toolbox

Automated Database Management
Get a database that is dynamic, always accessible, and up-to-date 24/7.
Consumer Relationship Enhancement
Build and maintain more intimate relationships with consumer panelists and make them true champions of your research.
Automated Recruiting & Scheduling
Transform the way you fill your schedules for consumer research and product testing.
Electronic Testing & Data Collection
Electronic data collection offers all the benefits without the up-front investment, plus it links test data to consumer profiles for a seamless panelist history .