Online Testing Data Collection

Data collection with uncommon intelligence

When it comes time to execute your study, you'll love the speed and accuracy of electronic data collection.

Powered by our innovative proprietary technology , Insight Counts’ electronic data collection process gives you the power to collect more insights with less effort.

Even if you currently utilize a PC or LAN based system for electronic data collection, Insight Counts can provide alternatives for home use tests and multi-location testing.

Transform the way you collect test data. Call Insight Counts at 615.590.6180 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Capability Highlights

A leap beyond simple surveys

Consumer testing requires something a little more sophisticated than the big-name online survey systems. Insight Counts offers you the ability to execute complex CLTs and HUTs complete with rotations and all the process controls you need to make sure your staff executes flawlessly.

  • Conduct studies anywhere there's an Internet connection – even in multiple locations simultaneously.
  • Establish serving rotations by session, sequential panelist, or both.
  • Serving prompts ensure correct serving order and timing.
  • Simple report screens help coordinate kitchen, test rooms, and front desk.
  • Time delays can be enforced per panelist or per session.
  • Panelists see only questions that are relevant to them – survey branching manages skip patterns to minimize confusion.
  • Enforced rotations, randomized response choices and no transcription errors.
  • Immediate data availability.
  • Live analysis of quantitative results identifies panelists who might offer qualitative insight.
  • HUT or off-site questionnaire timing protocols can be enforced per panelist or per group – including time between questionnaires, when questionnaires can be answered, number of questionnaires per panelist per day.
  • Automatic reminders improve completion rate in multi-day or home use tests.
  • Monitor panelist completions for follow-up phone calls.

Benefits at a Glance

Study results are more reliable.
No indecipherable handwriting, no skipped questions, no transcription errors. Plus measures to make sure execution follows protocols.
Data is available instantly.
Delight clients with ultra-fast turnaround times. Make it easy to review quantitative responses while selecting panelists for exit interviews.
Low up-front investment.
No consumer database required.
Some clients use Insight Counts for data collection even though they use old fashioned recruiting techniques. There are no set-up fees & no licenses to purchase.  We can even provide the hardware if you haven't got your own computers.
Consumer panel quality improves.
Testing ties directly in to your panelist database, so poor performance, rudeness, rushed answers, or other negative behaviors are automatically considered in evaluiating a panelist's suitability for future studies.