Transform the Panelist Experience

When the consumer experience is overlooked in the research process, it is much harder to build a pool of local consumers who are willing to participate in your studies and share their insights.

Treat them right and the game changes.

When you use Insight Counts’ Consumer Ties Toolbox, consumers will know that they are more than just a number and that you genuinely care about the quality of their experience.

The system’s intuitive online interface gives consumers the power to control their own information, to complete screeners at their convenience, to pick a convenient time to participate in a study, and to easily make changes when needed. It delivers consumers who are fresh, interested, motivated and comfortable giving you their deepest thoughts and feelings about a product experience.

Consumer panelists love our automated system. They can screen and schedule when they want—at 3 am while feeding the baby, in their office while having their morning coffee, on a Sunday afternoon during halftime. If their plans change, they can update their contact information, buying habits, even which study session they're planning to attend. Panelist records are kept up-to-date and your staff doesn’t have to lift a finger.

Capability Highlights

A focus on the things your consumers want.

Why do consumers quit testing? More than two-thirds will tell you it is because "it isn't worth my time" or "I don't qualify for enough studies". That's because most consumer testing companies — without meaning to — treat them like numbers.

With Inisght Counts it's different. Our system is designed to help consumers get the best return on their time invested. It's available for them at their convenience. It helps everyone in the database get a reasonable chance to participate. It makes sure that when they get an email or phone call, it's something worthwhile. It respects their time and lets them know that they are someone who counts. Some of the features they love include:

  • Register, screen, update information, check and adjust appointment times online, anytime — day, night, or weekend.
  • Periodic prompts help keep profile information up-to-date without being overwhelming.
  • Manage family relationships to help parents know when opportunities are available for their kids.
  • Study invitations are prioritized to re-engage panelists who have not been recently active.
  • Streamlined screening reduces time requirements and redundant questioning.
  • Automatic text message and email reminders for scheduled appointments, study cancellations, and postponements.
  • Easy to participate in fund-raising activities for clubs or charities.
  • Refer-a-friend helps spread the word and can provide additional earnings opportunities.
  • Check past participation, compensation, & referrals.
  • Easy to opt-out if interests change.

Benefits at a Glance

Less staff time spent on database updates.
Phone numbers and email addresses stay current. New panelists are immediately available. People don't fall through the cracks. And staff can can concentrate on energizing disengaged panelists instead of typing.
Happy panelists refer their friends.
There is no better way to build a database than through referrals. People who join through referrals are twice as likely to participate as other panelists.
Studies are easier to fill.
Up-to-date, richer data about consumer interests, preferences, and past activities make it easier to find exactly the right panelists quickly.
A better sample means better
research data.
Knowing more about when and how your consumers have performed in the past enables you to present a stonger panel to your clients for critical studies. And when panelists know that you care — both about them and about the quality of your research — they perform better.
Fewer dropouts.
Keeping consumers happy and engaged means they don't leave — and that means you don't have to work as hard to keep your database productive.