Automated Recruits

Online tools unlock research potential

If you are accustomed to managing a consumer testing database the old fashioned way – with telephone banks, Excel spreadsheets, post-it notes, homemade databases, coffee, cigarettes, overtime and blood pressure pills – there’s something you need to know.

The old way doesn't cut it any more.

The proprietary technology in Insight Counts’ Consumer Ties Toolbox automates the recruiting process, giving you unprecedented power, flexibility and cost savings.

Fill a typical CLT in less than a day — with zero labor hours. Fill extremely low-incidence focus groups with less than an hour of phone time. Reductions in recruiting labor enable your staff to spend more time on test protocols, quality research execution, data analysis and reporting — the things that really make a difference to your clients.

You owe it to your bottom line to learn more about how automated recruits can transform the way you do research. Call Insight Counts at 615.590.6180 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Capability Highlights

Getting the right people in the right seats at the right time. Exactly.

Insight Counts has re-written the rules for the labor-intensive screening and scheduling portions of the product testing process, and we've done it in a way that gives you speed, flexibility, quality, and cost savings all at the same time.

  • Handles simple general population recruits to highly complex segmentation calculations and managing stringent quota distributions.
  • Preserves and analyzes screening information in real-time. Incidence rates are monitored from the start of a recruit.
  • Psychographic & segmentation calculations performed in real time.
  • Visual presentation of concepts/brands/packaging.
  • Use of profile information to eliminate screening questions shortens the screener and keeps panelists from guessing the “correct” answer.
  • Reduce biasing cues and learning by eliminating non-verbal voice cues & coaching, and through randomization and delayed termination points.
  • Utilize family relationships and link screeners for parent/child or husband/wife studies.
  • Analyzes profile, participation, and performance information to select qualified panelists to invite to a study.
  • Monitors incidence and recruit progress to meter study invitations, filling the study without alienating panelists through over-inviting.
  • Enables simultaneous self-screening and recruiter-led screening.
  • Facilitates multi-modal screening for qualitative studies, utilizing on-line prescreening with handoff to recruiter for articulation.
  • Enforce session-specific criteria, such as single-gender sessions.
  • Dynamic scheduling lets panelists change or cancel appointments, opening vacated seat to others.
  • Balances quotas and keeps sessions full, reminding participants about their sessions and filling in with extras if there are too many no-shows.
  • Flexible and responsive to recruiting changes - add, open, or close sessions while the recruit is under way.

Benefits at a Glance

Reduce recruiting costs up to 60%.
Take the non-productive labor hours out of the process while increasing the accuracy of the recruit.
Increase capacity effortlessly.
Looking for a one-eyed, left-handed gypsy? You can screen thousands of panelists a day to find her.
No programming expertise required.
It's not cost effective for most consumer testing companies to have high-powered programmers on staff for the occassional weird recruit. With Insight Counts you don't need to! Our staff is ready to help with the most challenging requirements. And with over 4,000 recruits behind us, we've probably seen something like it before.
Better research results through
more engaged consumers.
Recruiting employs a complex algorithm that helps get new panelists engaged quickly, and helps re-engage inactive panelists. Engaged panelists are more reliable and tell their friends, which makes the consumer pool even better!