Professional Database Management

Database size matters, but not as much as database integrity. How many of your panelists can you actually reach?.

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Automated Recruiting &
Schedule Management

The labor-free way to screen thousands of panelists, manage quotas, and handle cancellations and schedule changes.

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Consumer Relationship Enhancement

When consumers fall in love with the experience of being your panelist, say goodbye to database churn and hello to effortless growth.

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Electronic Test Execution
& Data Collection

Efficiency. Accuracy. Speed. Quality.
A better testing process with no
up-front investment, and ready when you need it: Now.

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About Insight Counts

Insight Counts is the leader in consumer panelist relationship management solutions for companies who engage in on-site consumer research and product testing. Since 2004, we have been helping field testing sites and Fortune 500 firms in a wide variety of industries bring efficiency, speed, and intelligence to their interactions with consumer panelists.