Professional Database Management

Imagine a dynamic database that grows itself

How do you build and maintain your consumer database? Web forms or phone calls followed by manual updates into Access or other database program? Online surveys? Post-it notes? Index cards?

Those are so last century. Insight Counts brings consumer panelist database management into the new millennium.

Creating a pool of reachable, motivated consumers who represent the target markets you wish to research has never been easier, faster or more affordable. Insight Counts' proprietary online database technology streamlines and automates the most labor-intensive parts of database creation and maintenance.

Imagine a consumer database that is always accessible, always current. No more rummaging through desk drawers or sorting through piles of paper or index cards. No more waiting for your database expert to create a list only to find that half the people have moved or changed their phone number.

Make your consumer database work for you, not against you. Call Insight Counts at 615.590.6180 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Capability Highlights

Our blend of professional support and great design gives you reliability and peace of mind.

To most people, database management is kind of boring. There are a lot of hassles — SPAM laws, privacy issues, connectivity & availability, security, data backups, software patches, and equipment maintenance to name a few. Fortunately, Insight Counts takes those hassles off your hands and also gives you richer information about your consumers so that you can do the fun part of consumer research. Here are a few of the things that make managing your consumers easier while improving the quality of your consumer pool:

  • Online self-serve capability gives panelists real-time control over their data and preferences
  • Double opt-in process verifies the panelist is real and interested in participating
  • Real-time profile analysis flags likely duplicate registrations and prevents panelist participation until investigated and cleared by Insight Counts staff.
  • Build complex panelist profiles and automatically trigger periodic update requests to panelists. 
  • Identify family & household relationships.
  • Easy-to-use tools for restricting problem panelists and culling inactive records.
  • Tools for reengaging inactive panelists or those with bad email addresses
  • Proprietary technology integrates database with recruiting process
  • Manage fundraising organizations & compensation, and provide fundraising partners with tools to help them recruit more panelists.

Benefits at a Glance

More of your database is reachable.
Phone numbers and email addresses stay current and unreachable panelists are automatically flagged and culled. When you need to contact someone, you know they'll answer.
Less turnover means lower total cost.
Growing a database generally costs between $4 and $10 per panelist. Keeping an existing panelist typically costs less than $0.50 per person.  Protecting your panelist investment just makes sense.
Consumer self-service frees staff to focus on value-added tasks.
Consumers can help themselves any time, day or night. Your staff can concentrate on the things that delight your customers, build your reputation, and earn you money.
Professional support simplifies your staffing needs.
Insight Counts' database management and programming team takes the load off your shoulders.  Our experience and focus gives you a perspective you simply couldn't hire.