More insights, greater efficiency, lower cost

Lower Cost
Cut labor, storage and document handling costs. Reduce the time and expense required to communicate with panelists by up to 60 percent.
Better quality research
Get deeper insights and more information from every research dollar.
Better staff deployment
Use time and staff resources that would have been spent filling studies to mine the research data to discover new insights and enrich what you present to your clients.
Develop new markets
Get ahead of the curve to enhance your database for new markets, clients, categories or use time for more value-added activities.
More capacity
Reduce study cycle time, increase capacity for studies, and turn studies over faster.
Faster recruits
Screen thousands of consumer panelists a week with virtually no labor.
Speed to market
Do more rounds of testing faster and reduce the product development cycle. Get research information to end users faster to turn ideas into actions.
Self-regenerating database
Database grows itself as satisfied and engaged panelists recommend the experience to their friends.
Improve panelist quality
Better panelist data helps you protect your sample, avoid bias and get better information.

Our tools and support give you so much power you will wonder how you ever lived without them.

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