Infusion makes research easier by focusing on two strategies:
Build a Better Database & Facilitate Smooth Workflow

How do you Build a Better Database?
Top 10 ways Infusion solidifies assessor engagement and enriches the quality of your assessor pool

1 Real-time fuzzy-logic analysis identifies possible duplicate registrations. A simple interface enables staff members to investigate and clear or reject the likely duplicate.
2 Invitation prioritization engages new database members and re-engages those who have not recently been recruited, giving them the first shot at newly launched studies.
3 Assessors have real-time control over their data and preferences and receive periodic reminders to update critical information.
4 Profile and participation information is incorporated into recruits to maximize the likelihood that someone who is invited will be able to attend.
5 Screening data is evaluated in real time and Infusion continually adjusts the rate at which study invitations are sent. This ensures a smooth recruit while reducing the number of disappointed assessors who qualify only to find the study has filled.
6 Communication frequency is managed to avoid oversaturation. When an assessor gets a message, they know it matters.
7 Past screening and profile information can be used for subsequent studies, so assessors don’t have to answer the same questions over and over again.
8 Infusion defaults to delayed screening termination points. This improves truthfulness during recruiting by reducing assessor learning. Along with the use of profile information rather than re-asking questions it results in more accurate recruits.
9 Infusion provides a simple process for identifying and updating bad email addresses and for reengaging inactive assessors.
10 Testing directly connects to the assessor database, making it simpler to eliminate bad performances, ill-mannered behavior, rushed answers, or other negative aspects to accurately evaluate an assessor's qualification for upcoming studies.

What does Infusion do to facilitate smooth workflow?
Top 10 ways Infusion builds a continuous process for recruiting and executing studies

1 Infusion coordinates directed self-screening and recruiter-led screening for target populations and supports handoffs for qualitative or sensitive questions.
2 Psychographic & segmentation calculations can be performed instantly, eliminating the need to review or process screener data before filling the schedule.
3 Scheduling and rescheduling appointments is available to both assessors and staff in a single step, even when the schedule involves multiple sessions per assessor.
4 Infusion enforces an unlimited number of intricate quota distributions on the overall recruit, individual sessions, and/or groups of sessions. As appointments change, quotas are contantly maintained.
5 The mechanics and communications of making changes to ongoing recruits are built in and automated. Infusion does the work for you and notifies assessors — whether modifying quotas or qualifying criteria, postponing and rescheduling the study, or adding or cancelling sessions.
6 Automated reminders for participating assessors include appointment reminders, multi-day testing messages, and HUT responses due alerts.
7 Infusion incorporates flexible login options that allow testing of database members and non-database respondents.
8 Comprehensive progress reporting synchronizes the kitchen, test rooms, and the front desk for CLTs, or follow-up staff for HUTs.
9 The timing and frequency of required questionnaire responses can be controlled over long periods of time. Test protocols can be better enforced on remote tests or Home Use Tests.
10 Exception-based recording of attendance and compensation streamlines and simplifies test administration.