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Insight Counts is the premier provider of research management solutions for consumer research and product testing, both on-site and in the home. Since 2004, we have helped Fortune 500 firms and field testing sites optimize how they interact with consumers. We improve the quality and efficiency of their research programs. Our Infusion Research Management Software packages decades of experience into a comprehensive tool for conducting integrated research.
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Transform your research experience with
Infusion Research Management Software

Infusion benefits

A foundation of integrity

  • Rigorous safeguards ensure assessors are unique and real
  • Protects privacy in conformance with CCPA and GDPR
  • Utilizes industry leading security protocols
  • 99.95% system availability
  • Expert support streamlines staffing needs

Flexibility in recruiting design

  • Less labor-intesive highly targeted recurits
  • Pinpoint difficult demographics
  • Reduced no-shows and cancellations
  • High assessor engagement results in low turnover rate
  • Increase reachability of database

Integrated and streamlined

  • Quality assessors yield quality data
  • Engaged assessors refer their friends
  • Detailed tracking of assessor performance
  • High visibility during project execution
  • Simplified administration

Infusion provides an effortless way to assess thousands of potential study participants, fulfill complex quotas, easily adjust to last-minute changes, and manage cancellations and no-shows while maintaining a full schedule. Infusion’s integrated design automates the recruiting process – whether a CLT with crazy quotas, a very low-incidence focus group, or a massive home use test. Infusion does the work for you so your staff can spend more time planning effective testing protocols, conducting top-notch research, analyzing data, and preparing reports – the tasks that really make a difference to your clients.

Infusion streamlines the testing process, regardless of whether data collection is completed through Infusion, using alternative software, or by other means. Infusion automates many of the routine and administrative tasks and provides easy visibility of test progress.

Infusion is designed to address assessor disillusionment, giving them the best return on time they invest, and making them advocates for consumer testing. And when they feel valued, consumers make better assessors. They are less likely to miss appointments, they tell their friends and grow the database, and they answer questionnaires with more care and thoughtfulness.